This is why our community love working out at CrossFit 3340. 


Member Since September 2015

 I’m proud of my journey from the start until today. I walked into the box 3.5years ago, 25 kgs overweight & suffering with PTSD & massive anxiety after the birth of my first child Alannah, she was then 3. Never had a history of mental health issues prior. It knocked me on my arse. Crossfit has been my sanity & my saviour. It helped me to find me again. The place, the people, I truely don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t walked through those doors. I’m proud to of had a successful 2nd birth of my son Thomas & been able to Crossfit right through my pregnancy at 39. I couldn’t do a push-up when I started & have been able to work up to beginner comp level & now intermediate comp level. So I’m damn proud of the whole journey it’s made me stronger body & more importantly of mind. But I have not done it alone it’s the community of people that come along with our magical CF Box. ❤️


Member since 2018

I am still in the early days of my journey back from frumpy middle age to become as fit as I can - for my health, sanity and to be here for as long as I can for my kids- especially being a mum of a special needs child. 

I can see improvement and I am proud that things that I used to find near impossible (burpees/box jumps/running) are so possible. I now see things as a challenge - that can be tackled and conquered. My time at CrossFit is not selfish - it is essential for me. Love and thanks to you all - you always make me laugh


Member since 2017

My transformation is noticeable but not as much as other's. What's not seen is my health issues i had before and after. I went from multiple medications to a minimal amount of one for blood pressure stability. Not to mention mental health benefits. Tho people constantly tell me I'm nuts for doing 5.15 every day. 🤣

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