Current Timetable



This is our current 2021 schedule! Jam packed with over 41 sessions per week for you to fit into your busy day, we have tried to accomodate everyone!
Bright and early, we kick off at 5.10am and 6am - start your day one step ahead of everyone else before you head off to work or get in before the kids wake up. There's mid morning for those working at home or for parents after the school drop off, as well as afternoon and evening sessions to unwind after a big day at work, or the kids head to bed! 
Saturday morning sessions are a chance to catch up with mates you haven't seen during the week, and we usually head out for a hike or something fun either Saturday afternoon or Sunday! 

We understand that there are some reasons that you can not make it into the gym. That's why we have kept out Zoom sessions that run alongside our regular classes. You still get the community, the workout... just from the comfort of your own home! All you really need is a weight... whether that is a kettlebell, dumbbell or a pot plant... everything else, we can adapt for you! 

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FUNCTIONAL (45 mins)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

A combination of all things... running, skipping, shuffling, rowing, riding, light weights with kettlebells, dumbbells and weight plates, body weight movements and more! Suitable and scalable for all fitness levels


Monday - Saturday

Your session can incorporate anything from barbell work (squats, deadlifts, press and oly-lifting movements), bodyweight (push ups, sit ups, pull ups, lunges, handstands... pretty much anything!), cardio (running, rowing, bike, skipping... maybe even some burpees). A session generally consists of a warm up, strength or skill component, a conditioning piece and then a cool down.


AB DAY (45 mins)


Our usual core strengthening day is one of our most popular sessions! Low impact but you'll still get a sweat on, it is a great opportunity to incorporate it as a rest day


OPEN GYM (from 7-8.30pm)

Tuesday nights
Catch up on a workout that you may have missed, work on strength and skills. 


Some days you don't want to workout and we highly encourage a rest day that incorporates mobility and recovery. We often hear that doing this at home can be 'boring' or 'you can't be bothered'. No worries, come in and do your stretching off to the side, you still get to hang out with everyone and do your active recovery!!



Saturday afternoon, Sunday
Our fitness and friendships extend beyond the walls of the gym. On most weekends, we head out for a hike, walk, kayak, picnic... anything goes! We're so much more than just the gym...