Current Timetable - 3340 MORE THAN BRICKS



This is our current LIVE schedule for our Zoom sessions. One of the best things about our online sessions is, unlike our sessions at the gym, if you miss a session or can't make the time, it is recorded and you can catch up at any time!! If you're still unsure or you have any questions about the workout, our Coaches are usually just a message away to talk you through it! 

We are always finding ways to make 3340 better! We still adapting the schedule, trying to find the best times to suit everyone... as well as finding the right programming, taking into consideration everyone's needs and equipment.

Anyone with a More Than Bricks membership can do any session... all movements are adaptable and can be modified. 

It will follow similar to our old 3340 timetable, allow you to choose Strength or Cardio with rest days to recover, giving you a chance to catch up on a workout you have missed. 


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Different sessions each day, focusing on cardio, circuit and light weights. Isolating at home, we are probably living a more sedentary lifestyle, so we will be implementing a more Cardio dominant approach

Monday and Tuesday - Will be the same workout (live sessions will run both days for the same workout)
Wednesday - New workout
Friday - New Workout
Saturday - Hero Workout

Strength sessions will have a strength focus and a short conditioning piece to finish


Due to popular demand, our usual core strengthening day is making it's come back! It is also a good chance for a rest day or to catch up on a workout you may have missed out on!


Monday & Wednesday evenings
Get all Loosey Goosey... unwind, relax and stretch.


Session Times!!
Over 40 classes each week... plus open gym times!! Starting from 5.15am for the early risers heading to work, there are so many classes to chose from throughout the day!! Drop the kids off at school and come in for a 9.15am CrossFit or 10.30am Fast Functional... or drop in after work for our evening sessions! 


New to 2020, our specialty sessions include Kettlebells, Gymnastics (all the fun things!), Competitive Edge and Running with our certified running coach, Coach Pete. We finish off the working week with a Community workout where everyone comes together to catch up with mates, meet new friends and get a workout in and a good laugh. Sundays is for cardio Endurance... this can be anything in the gym, to hill sprints, hikes through our local Gorges and trails and more!

CrossFit Introductions are available Monday to Saturday... get in touch and we can organise a time to suit you!

Approximate class times:

  • CrossFit classes - 60 minutes

  • Fast Functional Workouts (Circuit/cardio styled sessions... CrossFit without the barbells) - 45 minutes

  • CrossFit KIDS and MIDS - 30 minutes 

  • CrossFit TEENS classes - 45 minutes 


Visiting the area? Drop-ins with prior CrossFit experience are always welcome. For further information please click here

(Please note that during these times, we have had to make changes to reflect the current situation. This includes modifications to our timetable, pricing, classes are modified from the traditional CrossFit and Fast Functional that we would typically have in the gym due to equipment, space... limitations. It is still the awesome 3340 that we love, just not in the gym! Thank you for your understanding.)