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CrossFit Strength & Endurance

CrossFit 3340 classes are designed for people with ALL levels of fitness backgrounds.  Accessible enough for a beginner, but challenging enough for a veteran.

The primary focus is on movement quality and intensity.  These workouts are designed to promote and enhance your health and pursuit of better fitness.

Our classes are perfect for the individual looking to be strong, lean, and powerful for the long-haul.  We use an even combination of cardio, gymnastic and weight components in our programming.  We range from light kgs/ high rep work to heavier kg/low rep work.


For a current schedule of CrossFit classes, click here.

Functional Fitness

Aimed at all fitness levels, Fast Functional is a cardio/ circuit-styled class without the more technical gymnastics and barbell elements of Crossfit. 

We promise there's nothing to be nervous about... come in and meet the crew, get a sweat on and your heart pumping in a fun, supportive atmosphere!! Classes are beginner friendly and open to all fitness levels with movements that can be scaled to suit any ability. If you're still not too sure, bring a friend along!


For a current schedule of Functional classes, click here.


CrossFit Introductions


Introductions are essential and are a requirement before you start your CrossFit Journey. They benefit all ages and abilities, including those that have never been exposed to CrossFit as well as people who are just getting back into a fitness routine. 

We break these into 3, hour long sessions where we go through movements, safety and technique 


You will learn all the movements that are used in the daily CF “WOD” classes.  A typical class will include mobility work, a thorough warm-up, techniques to improve flexibility, technique and mobility, crossfit skill training, a WOD, followed by a stretch cool down and social time.

We teach the fundamentals class to ensure each person can safely learn the mechanics of movement and have an overall understanding of CrossFit methodology and feel comfortable with the equipment and movements.  We will analyze and evaluate your range of motion, flexibility and overall capacity in functional movement. 


Our CrossFit Introductions are designed to give you the knowledge and awareness you need to be SAFE and successful.  We only ask one thing, that you give us 100% every time you walk in.  With commitment, accountability and hard work on your end, all of your goals will be accomplished.


To reserve your place in the next CrossFit Introduction or for more info, please calll Tanya on 0401 882 637 or scroll below and book a time to suit you!

Open Gym


True to CrossFit 3340’s nature, we want to create a venue for our members to feel coached, supported, and empowered. As part of your CrossFit membership, you can devote Open Gym time to getting better.

We can breakdown exercises and skills, explain methodology, and reinforce proper movement patterns – all the things we say in class, except now we have a controlled and dedicated environment to do so. We don’t have to feel pressured by the clock or 3..2..1..Go!

You can also use this time to catch up on something that was missed or to get your workout in on a busy day.


We encourage drop-ins, though appointments are always welcome .

Open Gym is available for you Monday-Thursday nights after class until 9pm... and on Saturdays 10.30am-12pm.

CrossFit Kids & Teens

CrossFit Kids & Teens is a strength and conditioning program that is specifically designed for kids and teenagers. It helps develop a lifelong love of fitness as well as building self-confidence and the ability to work as a team.

Team sports aren't for everyone... our program is perfect for kids that prefer individualised sport but within a group environment, as well as being complimentary to increasing fitness for those wanting a little extra.

In a group setting, children and teens participate in fun and engaging workouts that deliver measurable results and prepare them to be well- rounded athletes.


For more information on CrossFit 3340 Kids please click here.

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You can't out-train a bad diet!! At 3340 we have our very own nutritionist that offers nutrition services to help you improve your overall well-being and make positive changes to your lifestyle. Exercise and the right food choices go hand in hand.

Sandra from Nourish First provides a nutrition counselling service offering expert advice and a clear direction to assist you in achieving your food goals. She provides the best quality service, with a strong emphasis on evidence-based nutrition, wholefood integration, packed with useful, practical advice and nutrition education.

Sandra offers an initial 1.5 hour consultation where she is extremely thorough with background info, food plans, labels and more. She will even take you on an excursion to the supermarket so you know the good, bad and ugly of what goes into your trolley!! Follow-up appointments are available if needed and are great for keeping you accountable!

Consultations (initial and follow up) are heavily discounted for CF  3340 members!! Whatever your challenge, Sandra can provide professional advice and guidance to get you back on track!!

Sandra is available Wednesday and Saturdays, or by special appointment on other days. 

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