A Message From Coach Tanya

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3340 is ever evolving. For nearly 4 years, we have strived to make 3340 the best it can be for you! With things changing, we have had to adapt as well, pivoting everything we do to an online platform.

I want you to be able to move, to have an outlet when you need it most. When you are struggling to roll out of bed in the morning and to find any sort of motivation to get put of your pyjamas... to unwind and chill and have a Happy Hour drink with mates on a Friday night.

For now, things are different. we are having to get used to a new way to train. Sure it's a little odd for the first few minutes, but honestly... once you start, you don't even notice... it's just like being in a regular group session from the comfort of your lounge room or your backyard! 

One of the things that I have enjoyed most is watching our mums and dads have their kids join in, husbands and wives that have watched from the sides for so long are now joining in at home. Watching how the fitness we have built and are maintaining, is helping to contribute to all the things like playing with our kids, going out for walks, riding bikes... 

I, along with my husband Brad, and your other Coaches Katie and Joe are all committed to making your experience at 3340, the best it can be until we walk back to Station Street. In the meantime, we are fixing up the place, making it even better than before! 

What you'll get with More Than Bricks...
• Loads of fitness via Zoom 
• The ability to catch up on a workout at any point during the week
• Functional Fitness (in the true sense... use what you have!), Ab Day, Boxing Cardio, Mobility...
• Interaction with community that is there for the laughs, good times, fitness and support!
• Coaches that care!
• The ability to opt in and and as you like - no lock ins or contracts
• Kids sessions during the day for all members kids

• Individual and Team challenges to keep you motivated

• Sunday food prep day

• Access to 100s of recipes as well as multi-level nutritional guides (Coming soon)
• Access to our private Facebook pages...
• and more...

What is Zoom?
Zoom is the online video conferencing platform we use to host our More Than Bricks program. It is easy to install and navigate and once you're on, pick your session time and you're on your way to your way! If you can't make it to a live session, you can catch up on any workout at any time from wherever you are when you play back the recorded session! 

What do we do in a class?
Similar to our usual classes, we start with a catchup and a warm up that reflects what we are doing during the session. Then the session could involve a strength or skill component, workout, finisher, boxing, core, mobility... we love to mix it up, usually finishing with a cool down stretch and a catch up. 

When you start, one of our Coaches will be working alongside you to see how you are going, be there for advice and guide you through your experience. 

We understand that there is uncertainty with so many jobs, we wanted to reduce the burden but allow you every opportunity to keep training, that is why we have introduced our new pricing. Whilst others are increasing fees, keeping you locked into contracts, we have slashed our membership whilst the gym is closed and life gets back to a sense a normalcy. We are also allowing you the opportunity to come and go as you like each week. If new members choose to sign up at our normal price and support us through this time, once we get back to they gym, your membership will be discounted by 5% each month for life, our way to say thank you! 

We are constantly evolving, learning to adapt, trialling new things to make this the best we can for you in the current situation.

We are more than bricks. We are 3340... we a group of people that support each other... and if ever there was a time for this, it is now.

If you ever need to chat,

call me on 0401 882 637.

Let's do this!

Coach Tanya