Frequently Asked Questions


There is no such thing as a bad question, so don't be afraid to ask. 


Do I need to be in shape to do CrossFit?


No.  You do not need to be “in shape”.  People come to CrossFit to get healthy!  We will start you out slowly.  We will help you scale the workouts to your own fitness level.  We can raise or lower the amount of weight or get rid of the weight completely.  We can lower the number of rounds or repetitions you will do.  We can also modify the exercises to match your level of fitness. Then as you get fitter we can modify it again to keep it challenging. Before you know it, you will be doing the exercise “as prescribed”.



Can I try it out for free?

YES!  We offer a free fundamentals class so you can decide if CrossFit 3340 is right for you. We welcome anyone to attend our classes, watch what we do and meet our community.

Click here to sign up for your free trial.


Do I need special clothing or equipment?

All you need are comfortable clothes, athletic shoes, towel  and a water bottle.  We provide everything else you will need.


How much will it cost?

Check out our membership plans and pricing by clicking here or you can drop-in for $20 per workout. To sign up for a Drop-in, click here.


When are the workouts?  What is the schedule?

You can find our weekly schedule by clicking here.


I’m not sure if I want to commit to a CrossFit membership. Can I just drop in to try out a class?

Absolutely. We offer a free one class trial so you can decided if CrossFit 3340 is right for you. Click here to sign up for your free trial. Once your trial is up, you can pay per session, you can buy a punch card for multiple sessions, or pay monthly.


I haven’t worked out in a really long time (or am recovering from an injury). Will CrossFit be too hard for me?

Well, CrossFit is designed to be hard for everybody, but know that you are not an exception.  One of the great things about CrossFit is that every workout can be scaled or modified to suit any fitness level or injury. What that means is that whether you are new or a veteran CrossFitter, you can do the same workout, but the workout is scaled according to each athlete’s fitness level. We teach our members how to scale and modify workouts in all of our workouts, and our coaches always provide modifications. You do not need to be in shape or fit to start working out with us at  CrossFit 3340.


I’m visiting from another CrossFit. Can I drop in to a class when I’m in town?

We welcome visitors from other CrossFit boxes to classes that have space available. Please contact us so we know to expect you. 


I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t want to get too muscular.

Lifting weights will not bulk you up. It will actually help you burn more calories.


I’ve heard people talk about CrossFit, but why is it that your members like it so much?

Our members love CrossFit because the workouts are constantly varied, we make a point of demonstrating each movement before the WOD begins, and incorporate stretching at the beginning and end of class to assist with a faster recovery following the workout. We have a lot of fun in and out of the gym, and many of our members have developed new friendships at CrossFit 3340. This is something we take great pride in!


CrossFit seems expensive. Is it worth it?

What CrossFit offers is not your typical gym experience. While our rates are comparable to any group fitness classes, the results you’ll achieve are unparalleled. Membership fees are applied toward equipment and facility costs, as well as the expertise of the Certified CrossFit Trainer coaching each and every class you’ll participate in.

Your typical gym experience relies on you knowing what exercises to do, and for you to have the self-discipline and motivation to do it on your own. Very little guidance accompanies the standard gym membership, which usually results in boredom, injury and lackluster results. CrossFit offers personal training at a fraction of the cost. Our clients love it!


Is there a contract or joining fee?

There is no joining fee to join CF3340 and no contracts either.



If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with additional information.