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​Welcome to CrossFit 3340! We're bringing the fun back to fitness with coach-led, peer-driven group training sessions!

Not all CrossFit gyms or “boxes” are the same. Each has their own unique culture, coaches, and community. At CrossFit 3340,  we are 'every day' people from all walks of life, ranging in age from 18-73 years young and all fitness abilities. We like to work hard and but banter and cheering each other on is a must! 

Our culture is one of safety first. There is always a Coach to take you through and supervise the session. We warm-up thoroughly as a team and always value good form over more weight. We cool down and there's the opportunity to work on improving our mobility after all workouts.

We have two different sessions to choose from - CrossFit or Fast Functional

CrossFit combines elements of strength, cardio and gymnastics (body weight) movements, each having a different progression to suit  you! 

We understand that lifting barbells and hanging isn't really for everyone, so we introduced Fast Functional - CrossFit inspired cardio and circuit based classes. 

Our Coaches are passionate about fitness and have a genuine interest in you becoming fitter and getting results. Our coaches will scale the intensity by weight, repetitions and movements to suit your fitness level.

We are beginner friendly! You do not need to be in shape or have been working out to join us. Give it a go and see how true fitness can change your life!!

Please contact us for further information. 



  • We promise to offer a professional environment with knowledgeable coaches dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals.

  • We commit to appropriately challenge your physical potential and expose you to the spectrum of CrossFit movements.

  • We work to cultivate a positive community that will inspire and motivate you along the way.

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If you aren't too sure which session is best suited to your goals, get in touch and we can find the right program for you!


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You can't out-train a bad diet!! At 3340 we have our very own nutritionist that offers nutrition services to help you improve your overall well-being and make positive changes to your lifestyle. Exercise and the right food choices go hand in hand.

Sandra from Nourish First provides a nutrition counselling service offering expert advice and a clear direction to assist you in achieving your food goals. She provides the best quality service, with a strong emphasis on evidence-based nutrition, wholefood integration, packed with useful, practical advice and nutrition education.

Sandra offers an initial 1.5 hour consultation where she is extremely thorough with background info, food plans, labels and more. She will even take you on an excursion to the supermarket so you know the good, bad and ugly of what goes into your trolley!! Follow-up appointments are available if needed and are great for keeping you accountable!

For Your Body:

At CrossFit 3340, our workouts focus on improving capacity in all ten recognized fitness domains: cardio-respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. The result is comprehensive physical fitness and restored vitality.

For Your Mind:

CrossFit 3340 aims to help build community.  You matter as a person in our box.  You come in each day with the desire to better yourself, and so do all of your fellow CF3340 athletes. 

With the common goal of living a healthier, longer, more enjoyable life, people naturally want to connect with other like minded folks. 

We will provide you with a community of supporters and cheerleaders, provided you reciprocate with those around you.  Get as involved as you like, but know that we are community of people who support each other. 

The self-confidence you will gain while being a CF3340 athlete will have far reaching impact on all areas of your life.




CrossFit 3340 isn’t just a place to get a great workout. What CrossFit 3340 fosters is a sense of community – a community of members that includes professionals, tradespeople, mums, grandparents, elite athletes, kids, retirees and visitors from other areas.


When CrossFit 3340 began, so did the tradition of making every member and visiting CrossFitter feel welcome and that they are instantly part of the team. Because we have encouraged an inclusive environment, our members all know each other, welcome newcomers, demonstrate their support for one another, and socialize in and out of the gym (we love a good post WOD brunch). And, although many of the workouts we perform are for time and can be competitive, it’s all done in an encouraging, non-threatening environment.

Kids are always welcome at Crossfit 3340.  Newly renovated, we have a dedicated, secure, air-conditioned play room which is filled with plenty of entertainment for all ages, including toys, a chalkboard wall, reading corner and TV with movie access.


We also allow older kids to join in on the warm up (with parental supervision), when it is safe to do so. 

Tanya Mauff (Owner/ Head Coach)


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Brad Mauff



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Joe Caiafa



Katie Adema


Pete Boardman (Running)




Kids are always welcome at Crossfit 3340.  Newly renovated, we have a dedicated, secure, air-conditioned play room which is filled with plenty of entertainment for all ages, including toys, a chalkboard wall, reading corner and TV with movie access.


We also allow older kids to join in on the warm up (with parental supervision), when it is safe to do so. 


School aged children can also participate in CrossFit 3340 Kids & Teens. Please click here to find out further information.  


Member Since September 2015

 I’m proud of my journey from the start until today. I walked into the box 3.5years ago, 25 kgs overweight & suffering with PTSD & massive anxiety after the birth of my first child Alannah, she was then 3. Never had a history of mental health issues prior. It knocked me on my arse. Crossfit has been my sanity & my saviour. It helped me to find me again. The place, the people, I truely don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t walked through those doors. I’m proud to of had a successful 2nd birth of my son Thomas & been able to Crossfit right through my pregnancy at 39. I couldn’t do a push-up when I started & have been able to work up to beginner comp level & now intermediate comp level. So I’m damn proud of the whole journey it’s made me stronger body & more importantly of mind. But I have not done it alone it’s the community of people that come along with our magical CF Box. ❤️


Member since 2018

I am still in the early days of my journey back from frumpy middle age to become as fit as I can - for my health, sanity and to be here for as long as I can for my kids- especially being a mum of a special needs child. 

I can see improvement and I am proud that things that I used to find near impossible (burpees/box jumps/running) are so possible. I now see things as a challenge - that can be tackled and conquered. My time at CrossFit is not selfish - it is essential for me. Love and thanks to you all - you always make me laugh


Member since 2017

My transformation is noticeable but not as much as other's. What's not seen is my health issues i had before and after. I went from multiple medications to a minimal amount of one for blood pressure stability. Not to mention mental health benefits. Tho people constantly tell me I'm nuts for doing 5.15 every day. 🤣

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(Please note that during these times, we have had to make changes to reflect the current situation. This includes modifications to our timetable, pricing, classes are modified from the traditional CrossFit and Fast Functional that we would typically have in the gym due to equipment, space... limitations. It is still the awesome 3340 that we love, just not in the gym! Thank you for your understanding.)