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CrossFit 3340 

We absolutely understand how the thought of starting something new can be daunting and overwhelming. A new place, new people, wondering if you are fit enough or if you will be judged by those around you. Telling yourself that you need to lose a few kilograms first to build up your confidence before you even contemplate walking through the roller door. We get it.
Starting something that may be way beyond your comfort zone does not have to be scary.
Joining 3340 is your starting block.
It is where you come to get healthier, stronger and find happiness within yourself. It's a place where we promise you will feel comfortable as soon as you walk in the door. There are no ridiculous 1200 calorie challenges, no mirrors, scales, egos or anyone judging you. You'll make new friends and laugh a lot!! You'll find it's your time to escape the craziness of everyday and that's a great thing because your mental health is the building block to making all the other puzzle pieces fit together.
It's as easy as organising a

No Sweat Chat!
We'll answer any questions you may have to settle your nerves and then organise a time to get you in to have a look around or, started with your first session!

Tanya - 0497 766 386
Brad - 0467 048 639

CrossFit 3340

Choose from over 50 scheduled weekly sessions including Strength & Endurance, Functional, Boot Camp, Ab Day, Barbells, Cardio, Hero WOD, Open Gym and more...

Your Winter Schedule

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This is our current schedule! Jam packed with over 50 sessions per week for you to fit into your busy day, we have tried to accomodate everyone!
Bright and early, we kick off at 5.10am and 6am - start your day one step ahead of everyone else before you head off to work or get in before the kids wake up. There's mid morning for those working at home or for parents after the school drop off, as well as afternoon and evening sessions to unwind after a big day at work, or the kids head to bed! 
Saturday morning sessions are a chance to catch up with mates you haven't seen during the week, and we usually head out for a hike or something fun either Saturday afternoon or Sunday! 


Why are we different?






Our fitness and friendships extend beyond the walls of the gym.

On most weekends, we head out for a hike, walk, kayak, picnic... anything goes! We're so much more than the walls of the gym!! 

... and if you're still not quite sure

'3340 is a seriously safe space. As a disabled woman there are two spaces I feel completely comfortable and that in my own home and at CF3340. The people that you can surround yourself with here are from such an array of careers, ages, lives etc that it doesn't matter where you're at which is a real comfort. You can come in to build strength, build cardio, have an hour away from a stressful job, just hang out with friends all while getting sweaty. Classes are always a challenge no matter where you are and that's the best bit!'

 - Rach, 24 (member for over 3 years)

'Crossfit 3340 is an awesome place. I have been a member of gyms before, paid the fees and never turned up. I have been a member of Crossfit 3340 for 18 months and turned up every week (when COVID allowed). The atmosphere is so inclusive. I am an old fart, pretty uncoordinated and a bit of a dag but no one judges me. And a gym that has a Christmas party at the coach's home is something I've never heard of. It's all down to the people, the coaches and I feel like you are all my second family. 😍'

 - Kate, 58 (member for 2.5 years)

'I've exercised incorrectly my entire life and built up a bag full of bad habits when I exercised, which has lead to injuries and weakness in important areas of the body. I feel stronger and more capable in my body than I did in my mid 20s because the team have cared enough to help. You didn't just sign me up and push me through workouts, you've cared enough to take the time inside and outside of classes to help me. It's a genuine caring family environment there and I'm lucky to be a part of it.


Unfortunately, you've also made my wife fitter than me, which she holds over my head....so get stuffed'

 - Mitch, 30-something (member since zoom lockdown #1 2020)



'I feel CrossFit has given me so much confidence in myself. I love 3340 because the support and acceptance by everyone there makes you want to keep coming back.

It still astounds me the positivity that comes out of the box everyday. I was so scared starting up in Jan, worried I'd feel intimidated by all these strong, fit people while I looked like a potato. But from day 1 you guys made me feel welcome and willing to push myself harder than I thought possible. I still look like a potato, but smashing my push press PB by about 15 f***ing kilos tonight shows how much you've changed me and how much being part of this group really means ❤'

 - Kelsey (9 months)

'Mentally it has helped me hugely in the last couple of months. It also gives me a huge sense of pride, I'm amazed at what I'm capable of. The laughs, the camaraderie , the good vibes, it feels like home.

3340 has made me enjoy fitness again and made me want to achieve.

You all rock from staff to the fellow members'

 - Dennis, 31 (member 4 months)

'Although it’s been a long time, 3340 is the most supportive group that I have been in outside of my immediate family & friend group. I have never wanted to attend something as much as I have 3340. Tan, you are so inspirational and so are the group of people I would train with. More than anything, I needed to gain mental strength and that’s exactly what 3340 helped me with. I hope one day I can come back 🤍🤍🤍 I could never thank you enough. You guys rock'

 - Mads

I feel Crossfit has made me feel so much more confident in my body. I'm stronger than ever in my life.

I love 3340 because from day one I have felt apart of a family who support and encourage all around us.

❤️❤️❤️❤️ '

- Des, 32 (member for nearly 3 years)

We aim to provide a safe space for you,

where through fitness, nutrition and community,

we ignite and empower a healthy relationship within yourself,

enabling you to grow.


Tel. 0497 766 386 or

0467 048 639

13 Station Street

Maddingley (Bacchus Marsh)

Vic 3340


Monday - 6am-7am / 9.15am-11am / 4.30pm-7.30pm

Tuesday & Wednesday - 5.10am-7am / 9.15am-11am / 4.30pm-7.30pm

Thursday - 5.10am-7am / 9.15am-11am / 5.30pm-7.30pm

Friday - 5.10am-7am / 9.15am-11am / 4.30pm-5.30pm

Saturday - 7am-10am

Sunday - Closed




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CrossFit 3340


13 Station Street

Bacchus Marsh
Victoria, 3340


Ph: 0497 766 386 (Tanya)

0467 048 639 (Brad)


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